Pre-provision BitLocker Task Fails With Error 80070057 In Configuration Manager

After upgrading to Configuration Manager 2006 and modifying the BitLocker steps (Enable BitLocker and Pre-provision BitLocker) in an OSD task sequence to use the new encryption features, I experienced error 80070057 at the “Pre-provision BitLocker” step, the “Enable BitLocker” step was working correctly using the new settings.

In the logs I found the following error.

==============================[ OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe ]==============================
Running module version 5.0.8968.1000 from location 'X:\sms\bin\x64\OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe'
Command line: "OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe" /enable /ignoretpm:False /full:False /crypt:7
Initialized COM
Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %*
Set command line: "OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe" /enable /ignoretpm:False /full:False /crypt:7
FALSE, HRESULT=80070057 (main.cpp,380)
ProcessCommandLine(argInfo), HRESULT=80070057 (main.cpp,430)
Invalid command line argument '/crypt'

Since we are using custom boot images that are not automatically updated after the upgrade, we ended up using an older version of OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe. You see the version in the older boot image is not recognizing the “/crypt” parameter. The task sequences that are not modified, kept working using the old version of the boot image.

In the past this happened also after the upgrade to 1806 I found out in the following Microsoft article.

So be sure to always update your custom bootimages to be able to use the latest features.

The same boot image update is needed if you want to use the High Performance Power plan during task sequences introduced in version 1910

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